lo-fi web design


what’s it all about?

quick intro first, though: i’m a designer & illustrator with a deep-seated passion for sustainable solutions. I <3 quick-loading websites that exude big personality & showcase a commitment to the planet.

but how can websites be more sustainable? well, as succinctly as possible: when it comes to resources, sustainability relies on consuming as few as possible.

you might very well suggest that there’s no way to design without consuming unnecessary energy & materials. this is true enough…but design is intrinsic to life on this planet. it’s embedded in our DNA.

in today’s volatile times, effective design is also vital to communicating often complex ideas through impactful visuals. so, WE NEED IT…but we also need to ensure that we’re creating in a way that treads more carefully.

in print, that means fewer colours on recycled papers with water-based inks. risograph printing is the perfect solution.

online, it means websites that are less dependent upon heavy graphics. they load quickly & don’t consume as much energy. choose a green hosting company (shout out to my pals at Ethical Internet in Stroud) for your site & always, ALWAYS use the ecograder tool to take stock of how energy efficient your website is.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO TALK about how we can tick all these boxes & still build a kickarse presence, pop over to my contact page & send me a quick message.